Ramblings from the Moon Lodge!


Since I don’t really have a post for this, Ill go ahead and make this all part of my Moon Lodge post for this month. Since it is literally rambling about Spirituality as it Relates to the Feminine, I will be so kind to put it beneath a cut. 

If you’re one of the few people that have messaged me with an interest in Feminine Spirituality, feel free to check out this post.

*You’ve been warned* This is a really really long post that is presented essentially as a Journal Entry.  It’s purpose is to organize, describe, and analyze my personal experiences following a point of view based on my individual perceptions as a Priestess of the Goddess, and it’s relation as a Divine Feminine Spirituality. Moon Lodge and Moon Time are not solely terms used to described a specific biological trait, but rather a Monthly Spiritual Purge that those identifying as Female and those that resonate with a Feminine Spiritual Experience can choose to observe. All the thoughts, events, and information expressed below is only relevant to how I personally perceive the information as it has been given to me and what I have come to learn and understand MY SELF.  And I can only claim its factual validity to be pertinent to me 

This does have a TL:DR Paraphrased Explanation and Summary at the Bottom (although admittedly not for the readers comfort, but as a kind of synopsis for myself) 

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31 Days of Witchcraft: Day 1


*maybe getting started on this will help make me feel better* 

I plan on altering each day soley because I love writing exercises, and I love to create and write about my spirituality and practice. I also think openly expressing my self a bit more will even help me sort things out in my head. So if you want to TS these posts my tag will be “Fefe does 31days”. And I decided not to write these on my Witchcraft Blog for various reasons, but I will be reblogging them over there. If you haven’t checked it out, and you’re interested you can follow me at Wandering the Wyldewood for more Pagan and Witchcraft related things. 

POSTNOTE: This turned out to be a really long post, and you obviously really don’t have to read it all, but if you feel like it THANK YOU so much because I worked very hard on it. Id love to hear any feed back or questions on it as well. Constructive Criticism is welcome, but as with everything I post these are things I have experience to be 100% true from my own perspective, my families personal spiritual teachings, and research that I have done. So please understand that if you have any comments regarding any of the thoughts presented below.

Day 1: Describe your Path, and how did you discovered it?

Well, luckily I wanted to make these more of a writing prompt then simple answers because this really does have a lot of layers to it. First off, my path is definitely inherent. No, Im not saying that Im a “Family Traditional Witch”, but it certainly runs through my blood. For a few generations my family has been very “Pagan” and “Witch” esque. It was never really clearly labeled as either growing up, but I grew up in a very Folk-Tradition inspired setting, especially one that catered to Paranormal and Magical Gifts. Every one of my Grandmothers (and Im sure generations before her as well) Children, and grand-children are magically gifted in more than one ways. Some of us sharing gifts, some of us with our own unique to the person gifts, but all very gifted. It was my grandmother that first taught me about the Horned God and how he came to her often and they spoke. She taught me about Spirit Guides and Guardians, as well as how to speak with trees, basic folk inspired cottage witchcraft (i.e. hanging a horseshoe above the door, how to ritually clean a house ect), how to not only identify certain “psychic” and “Magic” gifts, but also how to control them, and also how to see and interact with spirits and ghosts. In the same way she had taught her daughters, both my sisters, and is now teaching my little cousins who are coming into women-hood and their individual powers are now starting to blossom.  

    However even though I was raised in this environment I was only mildly exposed to the word Pagan in theoretical talk, and the subject of Witchcraft specifically was never a thing and they were both titles I adopted when I was old enough to understand. It truly is a family and inherent thing, and that is probably one of my favourite things about my family (all craziness and family dysfunction aside). 

   My path, like so many neo-pagans and neo-wiccans today, started when I was just a young Faewynn, but a blip over the rail of teenagedom. Like most Eighth Grade girls, I was exposed to “Witchcraft” via my friends, but from my families practices I had been doing spells as early as the age of Seven, even though I had no idea they were spells. I of course, later discovered that what I was introduced to was actually Neo-Wicca, Neo-Paganism, and Modern Day New-Age Spiritualism. Through much of my life this way of Neo-Practice fulfilled my spiritual needs. I eventually, with the help of Divine Forces, a personal mentor and teacher, and the help of my family took up the title of “Priestess of the Goddess” while practicing a form of spiritualism from part of my families Gaulish Cultural background. As a result of taking up this mantle I have been a healer, teacher, and spiritual guide for the last five years (Ill be twenty-three in a few months). My specific area of expertise and most prominent meta-physical ability is know as “Empathy”. This is a skill that, briefly put, allows me to read and actually feel the vibrations of anything where energy is present. I am what the Empathy Community calls a “High End Empath” meaning I can essentially read the energy of things, especially people, so well that it borders on the ability to read peoples mind. Empathy allows me to be a healer, and it provides a fantastic advantage in several aspects of the Craft, and the Priestesshood because I can read, channel, and to a point even control energy at such an intimate level. 

  I know it seems a bit off topic but all of these are necessary levels to how my current practice has evolved passed a neo-wiccan or new age inspired path. My current path is of a traditional Heathen, not to be confused with American Heathenism, or Asatru though I owe quite a bit of what I learned about Heathenism from both of those structures. I have called and seen other people refer to my path as “Northern European Traditional Paganism”. It’s a vast term, but accurately describes all the sides of my cultural heritage’s traditions and customs. Many of the ones I even already knew from growing up with. It describes a sort of practices that is based on the Traditional customs based on the fundamental similarities of places stretching all the way from Iceland to The North Western parts of Russia. It is based on the religious principals of Celtic, Gaulish, Finnish, Nordic, and Slavic practices (and everything in between) and the things that were culturally widespread in their Folk Practices and pagan beliefs and customs. This actually compliments greatly my already previously discovered path of being a Priestess of the Goddess, with the Gaulish God Cernnunos  as my Primary Patron Diety, and the Nordic Gullveig as my Primary Female Diety. Even though I work with these two closely, I would like to stress that in my practice specifically they are not representative as the dual cis-gendered idols “The Lord and The Lady” as in Neo-Wiccan customs. But rather as the two specific entities I hold in High Regards for the things they have brought me Spiritually and the Power I have gained in them. 

My role as Priestess of the Goddess, is actually better represented by not Gullveig even though she is the Primary Female Entity, but rather Cernunnos. In Gaulish Custom, The Priestesses (although this wasn’t a term that they used specifically) who where sworn to Cernunnos did so as an Idol of the Divine Feminine counter-part of Cernunnos. Spiritually, the Divine Female represents the Heavens, where as the Divine Male represented our tangible realities. Female Priestesses represent the Channel in which the Masculine energy can connect with The Spiritual Feminine. It all may seem very New Age, but the Gauls had a very unique perspective of Divinity. 

   My Witchcraft comes primarily from Gullveig, as she is the teacher of Seidr and of all the worlds unknown secrets and hidden powers. Over time, and with the experience and exposure from tumblr (If you’ve gotten this far I love you and appreciate you so much for reading what I’ve spent a really long time on), I eventually came to see that many aspects of Nordic Witchcraft and Seidr where supported by many theories of Chaos Magic. Runes and Sigils that were a part of Seidr where very popular and well used in Chaos Magic. Now, even though I still consider myself a Volvakona and a Priestess I would have to say that my current path of Witchcraft is certainly described within the title of “Chaos Magic”. Above all I am a firm believer that none of my current practice would have been possible or properly understood nowadays if I had not had all of the experience and knowledge or the process of discovery as outlined above. 

   In all honesty, I owe a great deal of what I have learned from the select few positive and good resources within the current Tumblr Pagan Community. As well as a few who left when it started to not be terribly great anymore. Though, I will say that while they may have sparked my interest and have educated me in many subjects I was always sure that I did my own personal research on whatever they presented as being real or factual from their understanding. Tumblr was a great help in providing for me a way to help hone my knowledge and understanding to get past a neo-pagan, neo-wiccan, or New Age setting and into a much more traditional form of spiritualism and Witchcraft. It also gave me just ENOUGH positive New Age influences given our experience and our expanding knowledge of how the Meta-Physical world works. Because it HAS changed a lot since traditional Pagan times, and we have learned and changed a lot of our understanding of what spiritualism and religion actually are. Tumblr allowed me to see outside the box, to be cliche. But in a way that gave me a deeper understanding of my own self and all of the ways that spiritualism, religion, and witchcraft worked best for the young woman I have grown to currently be. While I as a Priestess have made it my life’s job to look after and take care of others, Spirituality in my personal opinion is still all about fulfilling your personal Spirit to the best possible way according to your own preferences.